Welcome to the Agroecologist Incognito blog.  I am an agroecologist by training, and with this blog I plan to make an independent contribution to the discourse on agroecology and sustainable agriculture.


fungi go bananas

Plant pathologists have a sense of mission.  Take Ioannis Stergiopoulos.  Professor Stergiopoulos studies sigatoka disease of banana.  In case you are inclined to dismiss bananas as just a snack food, Stergiopoulos is ready point out that bananas are one of the top five staple crops in the world.  However, because they are clonally propagated, the …

ecologists on intercropping

Why isn’t there more intercropping?  It is common in the global south, but in the north, whereas cover cropping and rotation are mainstays of organic agriculture, intercropping is an exception.  Some authors cast doubt upon reports of overyielding, the term for an increase in total yield by a mix of crops grown together compared to …