Welcome to the Agroecologist Incognito blog.  I am an agroecologist by training, and with this blog I plan to make an independent contribution to the discourse on agroecology and sustainable agriculture.


cover crop rotation

Can you grow the same cover crop year after year?  Harvested crops get rotated to prevent soil buildup of pathogens toward any single crop species.  When it comes to cover crops, though, the standard for my area is a mix of bell beans and barley.  Variations on the theme exist, with oats, rye, or wheat …

Bart Thomma on Verticillium

Bart Thomma gave an interesting talk on‭ ‬Verticillium dahliae,‭ ‬the pathogen that causes verticillium wilt, able to attack most broadleaf plants.‭  ‬The strains that are pathogenic owe their virulence to the gene with the code name‭ ‬Ave1.‭  ‬This is the gene that turns the plant‭’‬s defense system off.‭  ‬The interesting part is where‭ ‬the pathogen …