I received my doctorate in agroecology, the science that uses ecological principles and examples from traditional practices to design and manage sustainable agricultural systems.  In a world of profit maximization and wealth concentration, agricultural practice is focused on the short term, and agricultural research is recruited toward this purpose by the pull of big money.

I got my degree when the field was much younger, and when opportunity gave its one knock, I chose loyalty over opportunity.  Now I find myself in a situation of employment in agricultural research that is dominated by commercial interests.  I am earning a decent living, but my position limits me to tasks determined by others.  However, my job is not my work.  With this blog I can make an independent contribution to the discourse on agroecology and sustainable agriculture.

For starters, I am planning to present digests of interesting seminars and scientific papers I come across.  In particular I will be more closely following the communications of the professional society associated with my job.  In addition I plan to seek out information on topics that arouse my curiosity.  I may even provide personal commentary on trends I observe — we’ll see.  In any case, I am excited about the new focus and excitement this blog has brought into my life.

As a writer, I am an obsessive reviser.  Even email messages I send are carefully composed and reworded.  Thus, I will not be firing off instant responses to breaking developments — I can’t write that fast during the tidbits of downtime in my overextended life.  What I hope to offer instead is a more thoughtful, engaging, and readable take on topics in agriculture, presented as time allows.  And as part of the process of revision, I welcome your feedback.